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Big day as Teresa Nduta, Ian Duncan say I do

How did you meet?

Teresa: We met in a matatu on the way to town. The traffic was quite heavy, and he found a way to kill the boredom by initiating a conversation with me. Of course it was small talk, but at least it made the journey shorter and interesting. From then, we became friends, having exchanged contacts.

How long did you date and how was the proposal?

Dan: We dated for two and a half years. I didn’t propose to her, since she had alerted me before never to propose. She is a straightforward woman and means what she says. She doesn’t like surprises, and I feared she might reject me if I surprise her with a proposal (laughs). I was just trying to play safe.

Teresa: I was 100 per cent sure he was the one I would marry. God had revealed as much to me after I prayed for assurance of His will. I terribly hate surprises. I love being alert all the time. I didn’t need a proposal to say ‘Yes, I will marry you’. In my heart I had already spoken it.

Why waste time to be asked something I already knew the answer to?

Just like a joke, we decided to have a wedding, but before we knew, it was already happening.

How was the process of planning the wedding?

We started planning six months to the day. Initially, it looked easy because it was just listing the things we needed and plotting our budget. But as the day approached, it started becoming hard due to financial challenges. But we asked God for help and eventually things worked out.

Dan: My wife was a student then and had no job. So, we agreed that she takes care of ideas and planning, that is looking for affordable and quality service providers, as I took care of finances. We became a team and the result was great.

So the day turned out the way you wanted it to?

From morning till evening, I was satisfied with how things turned out.

Any surprises and disappointments on your big day?

Teresa: I didn’t think the groomsmen would pick me up from home that morning. I was however disappointed that they delayed so much and kept us waiting.

Also, it came by surprise to see all my husband’s friends dressed uniformly. At first, I didn’t understand who they were and their role in the wedding, but I later learnt that they had planned to dress like that to surprise us.

Dan: I was surprised to see my mother dancing, even though she had not recovered from an accident. I was also disappointed that my team delayed picking my wife, thus derailing the entire programme.

What was the inspiration behind your theme colours?

Teresa: I chose mauve since June is a cool month, neither sunny nor cold, and the colour would blend well with the weather because it’s neither shouting nor dull.

How did you choose your bridal party?

Dan: I chose my friends because they showed interest. Being by my side on my big day made them feel honoured. Teresa: I chose my bridesmaids from our family.

I needed them to be into the wedding completely, so they could see the value and joy that comes with it. They are not into weddings and marriage, so having them escort me to the altar and being at the high table with me was a perfect platform for them to learn.

What were some of the challenges you faced during the planning?

We sometimes disagreed with our parents because we felt like they were pushing us to do things against our interest and will, yet the wedding was ours.

Dan: We also had some financial challenges, but thankfully, we never thought of postponing. We had faith that God would come through and He did.

Advice to couples getting married?

Marriage is from God. He started a good work in you and will see it to completion. If you invite Him to take over, even when things seem difficult, He will always make a way, but only if you listen and do what He wants.

Teresa: Life is seasonal, and in it, there is no season that repeats itself. Be ready to move with seasons without looking back, as you hope for a better tomorrow. Never regret whatever you left behind when you were single.

Just focus on where you are going and you will discover that there is greater treasure kept only for you. Things become better when you fall, but still rise up and keep moving. When we give ourselves hope, we will also be able to give hope to those who have plans for marriage.

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