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A trip to Dam RedHill, Nairobi

Where do I begin? I always love short road trips to unwind after a long week. I have been to Limuru several times and there are some pretty nice places to hang out and have fun activities with friends. So I knew this particular ride would be amazing, but I didn’t know it would be this good.

First, the day I went to Dam RedHill, Nairobi was experiencing its hottest temperatures ever and I needed a place to cool off. From Nairobi CBD, the Dam is just a 30-minute drive.

Matatu plying the 115 route will leave you right at the gate. The place is next to the luxurious Sovereign Suites. I knew that the place was the type that would blow my socks off, especially when I heard that it had floating restaurants! I had seen many online photos of what they offer, but I didn’t know how it would look in reality.

The place looks really amazing. It’s both a restaurant and a hangout joint where you can have fun activities. I can admit that I wouldn’t put much of a fight to go there again. All of their set ups and floating restaurants are very grandiose.

As you take a short walk from the parking lot down to the water’s edge, the unmistakable smell of lake waters wafts up towards you as a cool breeze brushes your skin leading you to the gangway, linking restaurant to the land.

Everything felt so relaxing and it was really quite impressive. I walked around for about 10 minutes and freaked out about how beautiful and serene the environment was. So, my first stop had to be the floating restaurants.

The man-made lake hosts the four restaurants that are named after different Kenyan counties. The one I got in was named Nakuru. It was decorated with modern artwork. The meals are prepared as you watch and better yet you can prepare a dish for yourselves if you are in a group (koroga). The place offers great dining experience.

They have a substantial buffet or you can choose to order off the menu. I loved how they kept the authentic tastes in their dishes including the spices. I do like spicy food.

I started the meal with beef tartar, which had an Asian influence as it was seasoned with wasabi. I had fried rice accompaniment. The flavour was out of control as it melted in my mouth.

I washed down the meal with a glass of red wine. To finish off the meal, off course, I had to sample their desserts. I went for the chocolate cake, which had been layered with different types of rich chocolate.

For a first timer, this place did blow my mind away. I think the floating restaurants, each with a capacity of about 20 people, needs some sprucing up, but everything else was on point. The place also has picnic and camping cites, bike riding trails, zip lining and boat riding. For those adventurous enough to enjoy a boat ride, you can do so as you engage in some sport-fishing.

The thrill of their zip line is so evident as it stretches over the lake. There is also an array of children’s activities such as bouncing castles, trampolines and slides, with professional guides.

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