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Prezzo’s new flame or it’s just business?

Controversial as he comes, rapper Prezzo is at it again! Last weekend, the LiqHer hitmaker was spotted partying heavily and getting a little bit cozy with Norway-based showbiz promoter, Donna Obera during her homecoming party at a Nairobi club.

However, Prezzo (who has been associated with a long line of different women) told PD Wikendi that Donna and him are special friends and future business partners, but when prodded further whether they were having more than just a “business relationship”, he was quick to give a “No comment” answer.

The two are said to be getting too cozy with each other, and according to a little birdie, the two later hooked up after the party in a different club where they partied till the wee hours.

“Prezzo is a friend and currently we are talking about some business, which includes the possibility of him doing a show in Europe. Are we dating? No comment,” Donna later told us.

However, rumour mills continue to speculate that the two could be an item, having been seen hanging out together in a number of entertainment joints.

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