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Who run the world…

Girls! This 2011 hot number by Beyoncé should be this month’s theme song, for fun, only because it’s when we had International Women’s Day; a time to recognise and celebrate the many achievements of women around the world.

This year’s theme was #PressForProgress, which came in response to the World Economic Forum Global Gender Gap Report that looked at gender inequality. The report found that we are still 200 years away from gender parity in the four key areas studied: economic participation and opportunity, educational attainment, health and survival, and lastly, political empowerment.

It’s a call on everyone, stakeholders especially, to press on and not lose focus of the goal, even as the journey at times appears to get derailed and take some steps in the wrong direction.

The sporty, macho, male-dominated world of football gets a much-needed appraisal in this weekend’s edition as one woman who’s reached the top of her chosen profession, being a FIFA-accredited referee, shares her journey, life on the pitch, and opportunities as well as challenges facing the ‘fairer sex’ in the field – pardon the pun.

It’s largely thanks to women like Tabitha Njoroge, who are challenging the stereotypes, that we will get there, to a fairer more balanced world, hopefully sooner than 200 years later. Enjoy the read!

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