They blinded my baby, mother accuses hospital

A family in Meru is pointing an accusing finger at the Meru Level Five hospital for partial blindness of their toddler after a caesarean section one-and-half years ago. Baby Favour Gatwiri was born at the health institution on November 27, 2016 but developed complications shortly after.

Accusing the hospital of negligence, the mother Sabera Kagwiria says she pointed out a reddish colouration on the baby’s left cheek and eye immediately they left the theatre but was told it was nothing to worry about.

“The infant cried non-stop because the spot was growing itchy with time so we sought the doctor’s advise but he assured me the baby was fine,” she says. However, the eye started oozing pus the following day and the doctor advised the mother of five to see an eye specialist after she is discharged.

But then, she too, developed complications when her stomach started swelling with painful contractions. She ignored her plight and focused on the baby’s situation as she tried in vain to see the eye specialist at the casualty of the same hospital when she was discharged.

Two days later, the baby’s left cheek started developing abscess wounds even as her own stomach continued to swell and pain terribly. Four days later, she fell unconscious and was rushed to a nearby Mission Hospital where she was admitted for two weeks and had to undergo another surgery to clear pus from her stomach.

“The doctor there told me it was a result of improper stitching during the caesarean operation,” she says. The family, which languishes in poverty, claims they have been moving from hospital to hospital seeking help for their ailing daughter but in vain and spending more than Sh200,000 donated by friends and well wishers in the process.

They claim the baby was treated for a skin disease for the many clinics the attended at Meru Level-Five Hospital with the toddler finally going blind at nine months. However, hospital CEO James Kirimi disputed the claims saying the file of the patient shows the mother suffered fetal distress while the baby was born with hamangioma.

These are non-cancerous tumours common in newborns and usually subside without treatment. The baby has now been referred to Kikuyu Mission Hospital in Kiambu to undergo a major facial left eye rectification on the 23rd of this month.

The family is pleading with well wishers for assistance to raise the Sh120,000 needed adding that the doctors at the facility say the infection is spreading towards the brain which my result to brain damage if not rectified urgently.

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