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Fall out in Coast cricket stalls competitions, activities

Barry Silah @obel_barry

Coast Cricket Association (CCA) stares at a revolt from part of its own membership following accusations of bias and arm-twisting. The leadership of the organisation has come under fire over their alleged mismanagement of cricket and critics want the body dissolved. People Sport has reliably learnt that there are factions within the CCA who are now up in arms and openly questioning the decision makers who fail to consult widely.

The biggest bone of contention is the list of delegates selected to represent CCA in the planned national polls to be overseen by Cricket Kenya. Apparently the Association had sneaked in two officials as delegates a few weeks back which elicited grumbles from other clubs. Issues are being raised as to how against a process of fairness the decisions got a nod.

A letter dated March 3 from Jaffrey Sports Club and one dated February 21 by Mombasa Sports Club to the executive committee and copied to CK have openly defied the CCA directive that had been earlier communicated. Instead, they have told the Council that if and when the national elections are due, they would in fact nominate their own representatives thus prompting confusion. An Insider with authority in the matter at Jaffery Club has urged for the sobriety of the matter at hand.

“This issue is sensitive but at the same time the rules are very clear. We as a club have decided to nominate Zahirabbas Khaku to cast our vote on behalf of the club. Therefore the CCA Executive Committee must forthwith desist from imposing illegalities upon us,” said the source who did not want to be named.

Tension has been brewing with officials clashing in the recent past over the modus operandi of the CCA Management. Indeed a parallel body; Mombasa County Cricket Association constituting six clubs are now running their own operations with complete disregard of the parent body which is claimed to be defunct.

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