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A buttery feast of stuffed breast

Chicken Kiev has a disputed origin, but that in no way changes the melt-in-your-mouth goodness from the fresh taste of crushed garlic and butter that is gloriously baked inside

Faith Kyoumukama @martkinel

Keeping up with a diet has not been easy, especially if your friends are foodies. I have friends who always want to meet up over food. There is no day we will meet up and not indulge, a habit I have tried to break, but it has not been fruitful.

Do you know those people who you make a mistake of telling you’re on a diet then they make it their job to remind you every time they see you going left? Next time I’m on the path of healthy living I will keep my mouth shut. Enough of me food venting, let me share with you my fork life experience at the Pride Inn in Westlands.

But before I do, do you know that the Pride Inn Hotels chain consists of three brands namely Pride Inn Express, Pride Inn Business and Pride inn Plus, in Nairobi and Mombasa. I visited the one on Rhapta road, and I got to dine as well.

I did not want to try the buffet because I always get overwhelmed, so I opted for the al Carte menu, old 90s blues playing in the background, a live kitchen set up on the side and waiter ready to take our order.

I wanted to have pork chops, but unfortunately they don’t sell pork at this establishment, so I opted to go with the chef’s choice. For the starter, we had butternut soup and fresh bread, which I won’t say was over the top, but sweet enough for me to clear the whole bowl. They always say you can never go wrong with butternut soup, according to the foodie bible.

We then had spinach tart, which had a bit of feta and eggs. Spinach is not my favourite when it comes to greens ,but this one I can eat every day, so delicious and you can have it with bread or without. Then we had the classic chicken Kiev.

Basically, it is chicken stuffed with parsley garlic and butter. The history of the dish is convoluted with its invention attributed to French, Russian and Ukrainian chefs. But who cares? My palate was treated to well seasoned chicken; I could taste the fresh taste of crushed garlic and butter in every bite.

The chicken was well seasoned, which brought out the overall taste; so tender yet crispy because of the breadcrumbs on the outside and you could taste the flavours on the inside meaning it was well marinated. This sends you straight to foodie land so much sweetness in one plate. The chef solved my chicken cravings. We then had banana pudding for dessert.

I also had dawa the mix of ginger and lemon with honey, without vodka, just to help with the cold. It was served in a mug; so rich in flavour and taste. As simple as it looked, I could tell a lot of effort went into making it.

So dear fellow foodies, if you are looking to enjoy a casual meal in a relaxed atmosphere, then Pride Inn is the place for you. Whether it’s a light lunch of fresh salads, meaty sandwiches and delicious pastas, an aromatic cup of tea or a revitalizing cup of coffee; or just lunch of mouthwatering Indian and Chinese delicacies, you are guaranteed an extensive menu with variety.

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