Kajiado sets new sand regulations

Kajiado County government has set new regulations for the multi-million sand harvesting business in the region. All lorries that ferry sand from the region are now required to register in Saccos while business men required to be members of societies. The more than 500,000 loaders across the region must have medical cover to be allowed to operate.

Sand picking designations have been earmarked. According to the county Natural Resources Task-force chairman Daniel Osoi the move came after hue and cry over massive irregularities and mismanagement of the lucrative business.

“Lack of proper regulations has led to a lot of mismanagement. Lorries pick sand from undesignated points causing a lot of degradation to the environment,’’ said Osoi. Overloading of lorries has been a major issue seeing sand owners lose millions-of-shillings at the expense of unscrupulous business cartels and brokers.

“Lorries overload sand up to two times the required tonnes, taking it to various destinations where they regularise to avert arrest at weigh bridges. This menace has adversely affected this business to the chagrin of loaders and sand owners. We have also had incidences of loaders, who cannot meet their medical bills, getting injured.

After various heated consultation meetings by stakeholders medical cover is now mandatory,’’ said Osoi. County inspectorate officers will now be deployed to the sand harvesting rivers where they will work hand in hand with the rivers management committees to ensure the set regulations are adhered to.

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