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Meet Caroline Wanjiku aka Teacher Wanjiku

When Caroline Wanjiku aka Teacher Wanjiku stood in front of Victor Ber to audition for a play, he saw a wife in her. The creative director lets us in on her journey in comedy, and more

Grace Wachira @yaa_grace

Briefly describe your wife?

An intelligent ardent business woman, funny girl and blessed. I can’t say how old she is because as a gentleman, I cannot disclose a woman’s age. This can land me in trouble (laughs).

How was her upbringing like?

It must have been good because she turned out fine.

How did you two meet?

In 2008, she came to audition for a play at Alliance Française, Nairobi. And she’s been a brilliant thespian ever since. She has always been a disciplined artist. Always on time with everything. Learning her lines and character in record time. A great role player, that is, you can trust Wanjiku with any character. The moment she stepped in front of me for an audition, I saw my dream girl. I prayed for it to happen and well, God answered my prayers.

How does she wear her different caps?

Art is what she does for a living, and family is what she has for life. She accurately knows the difference and is a mother at home, no role plays.

What was she like before the fame and comedy career?

My wife was famous even before she went to Churchill show. Heartstrings Kenya had a hard task of making sure she appeared on every show since 2008 simply because the audience wanted to see her perform. She was amazing and she’s still entertaining. In fact, you should come to the Kenya National Theater on March 29.

You are her manager. What is it like?

It is amazing. The greatest advantage is that I get to protect her and I have her best interests at heart. She is so vulnerable and emotional, hence she needs someone who will understand her from a personal point of view. She has more managers as we speak, but they all have to go through my desk as protocol.

Teacher Wanjiku is among the top female comedians. Even in the face of challenges, she keeps going. How is that so?

Faith keeps her going. She is in love with God more than anything else. Her journey has been so rough and challenging: paving through the male dominated industry, the politics in entertainment is worse than the general politics. For a woman to stand out of that crowd, it is something worth accolades.

What is the most ridiculous rumour you have heard about her?

That she stole me from someone. Really? Hahaha. What sacrifices has she made as far as having a successful marriage and career is concerned? She travels a lot. At times even for a whole week without seeing her family. But she still finds time to Skype with us.

Who comes up with her jokes?

That is our company secret.

What is that one memorable act she has ever performed that you hold dear?

Her debut show on Citizen TV. Though the show was pulled off after its premiere episode, this is something I’ll forever live to remember.

Speaking of which, after she left Churchill show, she started a show in a local TV that already aired once and got a lot of criticism. How’d that go?

She never left Churchill show. Her contract ended and so she moved on. Some haters were paid to spread the rumours, but hey, God has plans for everyone. I’ll pass on for her show on Citizen TV bit.

What’s the weirdest thing a fan has ever done for her?

Sending nudes in her inbox.

What is her poison?

Her phone! (I wish you could have it all in caps). You have to ring a bell to get her attention, hahaha. But of course that happens to most of us.

What don’t we know about her?

She used to sing in a church choir.

What is she best at at home?

Re-arranging the house all the time. She’s never satisfied. And she loves cooking, now that is a habit we all love.

What else can we expect from her in the future?

Laughter and more laughter.

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