322 traffic officers fail vetting, fired

Winstone Chiseremi @Wchiseremi

The National Police Service Commission (NPSC) has sent packing 322 traffic police officers out of 2,691 vetted in the second phase of the exercise. NPSC chair Johnstone Kavuludi said the officers, who represent 12 per cent of Traffic Department police officers vetted by the commission, failed accountability and competence tests. He said the officers have, subsequently, been removed from the payroll.

Addressing a press conference at an Eldoret hotel where the commission is vetting police officers in the rank of Chief Inspectors from North Rift region, Kavuludi (pictured) said statistics indicate that Traffic Department was leading in corruption-related vices in rank and file.

Enforcing rules He said some of the officers who appeared before the commission’s vetting panel lacked integrity , with most failing to explain how they acquired enormous wealth.

“Statistics do not lie and it is common knowledge that most accidents on our roads in the recent past occurred because the officers tasked with enforcing traffic rules were bribed to look the other way,” said Kavuludi. In the ongoing exercise, 1,514 Chief Inspectors from North Rift will be vetted.

He said the vetting is mandatory and cautioned officers planning to abscond. “We have, however, been informed that some officers slated for vetting may not turn up after attaining retirement age and that is why the figure is likely go down,” he said.

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