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Habits children inherit from parents

1. Tantrums

Being temperamental is a common habit that most people have picked from parents. If your parents ever raised their voice when pointing out issues or get irritable at things, then that’s exactly how you will act unknowingly.

2. Procrastinations

‘I didn’t do the laundry today, but I will do it tomorrow.’ This is a habit that has a negative impact in our lives. Sometimes a procrastinator will pretend that they forgot, but no, they just pushed the dates. While young, a child learns this habit from a parent, who decided not to do a task. Parents can also influence their children to be procrastinators. For instance when you are okay with a child not finishing their school assignment.

3. Being athletic

If for instance, your father was in the habit of running, jumping or exercising, then once you get in the habit of being athletic, you’ll never lose it.

6. Impulse buying

It’s not wrong to buy yourself a nice gift every now and again. But if you’re in the habit of shopping for the sake of it, or when you immediately see something, or when upset, then it might be a habit you learned from your family and it’s not a good one.

7. Overspending

Apart from impulse buying, there is this habit of overspending and sometimes you find yourself left with nothing for the future. This can be a habit you saw in your parents. Perhaps they spent too much on things and you picked it up. Sometimes, the habit comes with guilt and ‘why’ questions will often arise.

8. Poor communication skills

This may happen if your parents were poor communicators with you or themselves. Children learn from observations and if that’s what they saw, they are likely to be poor communicators as adults. Children learn how to interact, not only by how their parents act, but also by what they want. If children need to scream and cry at home in order to get the things they want, they will learn to communicate the same way even outside.

9. Smoking

Habits can spread like wild fire. If your family doesn’t value education, neither will you. So, if you grow up in a family that smokes, then you are more likely to be a smoker.

10. Saving

Young people whose parents struggle to pay off their debts are less likely to budget their own finances sensibly compared to those who learnt to save while young. Saving is a habit that most people don’t have and if they do, they are not faithful. It takes a strong saving background to be a good saver of money.

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