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Shigo aka Okocan is a talented Nairobi-based West African artiste

Shigo aka Okocan is a talented Nairobi-based West African artiste, who has worked with several Kenyan musicians. He talks with Chebet Korir about his love for fashion and authentic African designs

Walk us through your fashion journey.

My journey in fashion began back in 2009. In my college days, I used to rock a lot of baggy jeans and shirts. Time flew and I spent a lot of money on jewellery, especially gold chains. At some point, I’d spend Sh100,000 just to have a set of matching jewellery. As I got older, my outfits became abit casual and African.

Describe your most memorable fashion moment.

It was at the Channel O Awards in South Africa. I got to showcase my African outfit by a famous designer in Nigeria.

How does your normal fashion day as an artiste look like?

It’s quite simple. I always dress to impress and think of the clients I will meet. First impression is everything. Like the saying goes, “Dress how you want to be addressed.” I have always had this in mind before putting on an outfit.

Describe your style.

It can be described as Afro Pop; African style with a touch of Yoruba (this is where I come from). I prefer this because I get to promote the African culture and promote a few high-end African designers.

What does your wardrobe look like?

It features shoes, jewellery, belts, designer perfumes and suits.

Who are your favourite international designers?

Maolo Blahnik, The Chelsea Cobbler and Jimmy Choo. They are all footwear designers and their sense of style is unique and futuristic.

What’s the biggest mistake men make while shopping?

Paying for something they do not need. Also trying to shop for an outfit they have seen with someone else. One should be able to create their own personal style.

One item everyone should have.

Everyone should own an expensive shoe. They actually speak volumes.

What’s your best fashion buy?

My Rolex watch that I bought at Sh120,000. I also have 200 pair of shoes and they are all equivalent to Sh250,000.

Who is your style icon?

Davido. Simple and African, which is my style.

Which is the most outrageous piece of fashion advice you’ve ever got?

That bright colours would work for me. I believe colours such as pink, yellow are meant for ladies and maybe, men who do prefer to stretch their fashion sense through such colours.

If you could choose any wardrobe for any character who would it be?

Denzel Washington as Frank Lucas in the movie American Gangster. That brother had style.

We will never catch you dead wearing…

Pink trousers. They are quite a turn off. although my style secret weapon is taking risks.

What’s your signature scent?

‘1 Million’. I love the scent and it goes for days without fading.

What’s your current fashion obsession?

A designer suit I bought designed by Zizi Cardow, a Nigerian designer. I also love suits by 54 Authentique.

A lady trend that you love…

I love ladies who wear leggings.

What do you splurge more on?


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