Nasa suspends ‘people’s assemblies’ as Raila, Uhuru pursue unity pact

Robin Obino @obinorobin

The National Super Alliance has suspended the formation of “people’s assembly” following the unity talks held by President Uhuru Kenyatta and opposition leader Raila Odinga on Friday.

Members of the “people’s assembly” organising committee, led by Raila’s adviser and Nasa strategist David Ndii, announced, at a media briefing in Nairobi yesterday, they had put off their sittings at the request of the two leaders. Ndii said the decision was made to provide an opportunity to unify and get the country on the right course.

“As the “people’s assembly” organising committee we embrace and support this for it is precisely the purpose for which the assembly has been established.

We commend and congratulate the two leaders for this meeting of minds because we have not had leaders in the past come to this meeting of minds and tell the nation that tribalism is a fundamental problem that has to be confronted,” he said.

“The two leaders have asked us to give them an opportunity to spearhead this process and we have accepted. We are therefore in this spirit suspending the people’s assembly process.”

He, however, maintained the pact between the two leaders was not a Nasa-Jubilee affair or about the 2022 election, but rather, a decision by the two leaders who did not want to be remembered for having missed the opportunity to unite Kenyans.

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