Graft a threat to Big 4 agenda, official warns

Winstone Chiseremi @Wchiseremi

Corruption remains a threat to implementation and achievement of Jubilee government’s Big Four development agenda, the National Anti-Corruption Campaign Steering Committee has said.

Addressing the press in Eldoret town on Saturday, Adaan Wachu (pictured), a member of the steering committee, said the successful implementation of the development agenda of national and county governments was under threat from corruption.

He regretted that resources set aside for provision of key services to the citizens are misappropriated and out rightly stolen to the detrimental of development.

Wachu called for concerted efforts from all stakeholders in fight against the vice saying development agenda rolled out by the government to spur economic growth and create wealth can only be achieved through this.

“Corruption has the potential of disrupting the implementation and achievement of Jubilee administration’s development agenda if not fought with the zeal the matter deserves,” he said.

Public participation In bid to check misuse of public funds, the committee directed all civilian oversight committees to work with all stakeholders including national and regional governments.

Wachu urged the public to be actively involved in the implementation of all community projects by demanding to know the amount of money allocated and the period of completion for the sake of transparency and accountability.

He said the committee has so far established campaign networks known as county anti-corruption civilian oversight committees in 26 devolved units.

He said the committees will be tasked with the implantation of anti-corruption campaign programmes and activities at the grassroots and mobilisation of the public to actively take part in the campaign to fight the vice.

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