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Chill spot where you can get everything Naija

Apart from their men, I am a great lover of West African food. I know, but please, don’t give me that side eye, it is what it is. I can’t explain why Kenyan men are not good enough for me. It’s just a thing I have for them.

Well, I think I’m explaining myself too much and you are probably not getting it. Let me take you to ‘Nigeria’ then. Mummy Dada, located on James Gichuru Road, in Lavington, Nairobi, is a place I randomly went to and it turned out to be the best nights for me so far this year. So, we were out in the leafy suburb with my girls and we were thinking where to hangout at.

We didn’t want fuss or anything over the top, and that’s when I remembered this bar and restaurant that another friend recommended to me. When we landed there, we opted for something heavy like whisky, since we had taken care of our stomachs pretty well, prior to the outing.

At first, my friends bashed me saying that the place was looking boring, but after some few shots of whisky, they were all up on their feet dancing to Naija tunes. It’s not as modern and hip like its peers in that corridor, but it’s a great place to chill out with a bunch of friends.

You can dine to Nigerian delicacies, like jollof rice, fufu, goat pepper soup, plantain, among others. It’s a chilled out spot with bandas that offer great outdoor experience. At Mummy Dada, the music is not too loud, but good enough for people to have a conversation and still enjoy some great moments.

It’s not a place to club for the whole night though. You can later head down to Kiza or B-Club and dance the night away. So, just incase you love West African food and music (and men), Mummy Dada is your go to place. Plus, you never know you might land yourself a dark, tall and handsome Yoruba or Igbo man. Who knows!

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