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A new beginning

The move by President Uhuru Kenyatta and Opposition leader Raila Odinga to bury the hatchet and launch a new united initiative is commendable for the outstanding resolve and courage to rise above political differences for the sake of a stable and united country.

As the two leaders walked onto the steps of Nairobi’s Harambee House early Friday afternoon, a podium that harbours footsteps of reconciliation and unity of the Kenyan society, it was the beginning of a walk that many Kenyans must have been wishing they started sooner.

The oft spoken words, that “no one is bigger than this nation”, have attained an actual meaning, if all the protagonism and animosity borne out of the erstwhile bitter electioneering season can now translate into national healing, unity and cohesion.

The occasion, once again, also served to prove to the world that Kenya is a mature democracy and a society of people who place greater value to their nation than individual gain. Let this gesture by our leaders provide the motivation and guidance to every Kenyan to think and act as one united family with a common destiny.

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