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Combative badass – meet Kariithi Munene


Why do you love this car?

The Subaru STI is a renown a well-sorted performance car. It is fast stable and enjoyable to drive in the real world with rough roads and potholes and the like. Every time I get into the car and hit the road, it’s always a memorable experience.

While it can be driven aggressively and handled it without much fuss, I prefer to enjoy a relaxing drive without necessarily going flat out.

There’s something about driving within the limits yet knowing you have the performance at the twitch of your right foot to leave everything behind in a blurr of smoke and noise.

Have you done any modifications to it?

Yes. I upgraded the turbo and added a water-meth injection. I also had the Engine Control Unit (ECU) chipped to increase performance. I haven’t taken it onto the dyno to find out how much power it puts down, but I can tell you it boosts to 1.3 bar, making it really punchy.

Any drawbacks?

It’s a bit of a hassle to navigate the bad roads in Kenya, cringing every time you come across a pothole or oversized bump hoping you don’t scrape the underside. This limits the places I can go with this car.

That’s probably the biggest issue with owning such a car. Also because of the modifications, I have to handle it a bit more carefully as anything going wrong will involve a lengthy process of sourcing, importing and replacing. Nobody wants to go through that, but it’s always something to think about with such cars.

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