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Cascades of Ruaka

When my friend recommended me to try La Cascada Miguela Sports Bar and Gardens, I brushed off the idea simply because my thoughts convinced me that going by its name, it was an expensive place for me. But after going through the hotel’s online reviews, I decided to give it a try.

I visited the spot on a Friday and although it was a sunny day, I decided to be there in the afternoon for me to experience the whole meaning of this waterfall idea. Situated at Ruaka off Limuru Road, it sits on a two-and-half acre land. It gives an easy access to the Northern Bypass, the famous Village Market shopping mall and Nairobi’s central business district.

It also boasts an onsite restaurant and bar. River Ruaka also passes right through the facility. In years gone by when female genital mutilation was still a rite of passage in the Kikuyu community, the river was famous among locals because girls would take a dip early in the morning just before the exercise.

The river separates the main bar, kitchen and garden. The right side of the main entrance leads you to the kitchen where you can order African dishes, sea food and snacks, before settling either at the sports bar straight on or at the garden in the backyard. I had ordered my food in advance and I went straight on to the garden.

The place has two mini gardens, which are few metres from the river and the main garden with a waterfall, nicknamed the Runda Waterfall. I had ordered for fried chicken and ugali and in less than a minute after my arrival, my order was served. The meal was well prepared to my satisfaction and specification.

After the meal, I headed to the 24-hour sports bar for some relaxation. I strategically took a chair by the window, specifically to marvel at the fall. It’s simply breathtaking. The breeze was so refreshing, but if you intend to visit this place in the evening, you better arm yourself with warm clothing because it can get so cold.

Seated in a strategic position to enjoy the view of the whole facility while sipping on my drink, my mind flashed back to the days before this area was transformed. It was all bushy and this offered a safe hideout for drug users, as there are several caves.

As I walked around, I took notice of the amazing landscaping, but since I was not prepared to spend a night there, I left at around 9pm. This place is ideal for a conference, family outing, wedding, photoshoot and outdoor lunch or dinner, all with affordable pricing.

Located along the highway, La Cascada Miguela is easily accessible when using either private or public transport. The premise has 25 all en-suite rooms with a balcony. A standard room goes for Sh2,000 per night, while a double room goes for Sh3,000.

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