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Your talent and skill are your path to prosperity

Francis Muli

Unlike decades ago when graduates chose which job offers to take, things have turned upside down with employers choosing which graduates to employ. Getting a white-collar job is not longer guarantee in this ever-worsening economy. Most employers now train their eye on talent, skill and passion with specificity. Most people have the skill and talent, but lack passion.

Employers therefore edge them out for not seeing works that show passion. However, that does not mean that life will not continue. People, especially the young and jobless have to work and earn a living. Knocking offices everyday looking for a job will never add value in your life, neither will it ever add you a coin in your pocket. Time will be moving and bills will be piling.

Finally, you might succumb to depression and other lifestyle related diseases, at a very tender age. If an opportunity does not cross your path, then it is time to create it. People just like you created empires where you are looking for opportunities.

You might be the next employer. You do not have to have financial capital to start any venture. You talent and skill is enough. According to actor Raymonf Ofula, he started his career as a hobby, which became a passion.

Later on in life, he would leave his day job and concentrate on acting, carving a niche for himself in the film industry. His career started as a talent and passion and today he is a celebrated film icon.

“We artistes are lucky people. We amuse ourselves by what we are doing but get paid for it,” he tells PD Wikendi. He is an example of someone who has earned through talent, even to his old age. Other motivators following the footsteps of Ofula include Wilson Gathoni popularly known as Jaymo Ule Msee and Henry Desagu.

The only input they have invested so far is their talent and the will to start. They are now earning big from talent only. They are using the opportunity of free social media to share their artistic work.

Interviews offer very limited opportunities for you to showcase your skills. Instead looking for jobs through interviews, do what you love and show it to whoever cares to see. Until then, you will remain a job seeker with no value.

On other hand, employees, partners and investors will look for you when they hear/see you display your skills, by doing what you love. Last year, a teenager got a job with one of the leading bus service companies for just creating a model of the bus.

Skill, talent and passion earned him a job. He created the model out of passion, never expecting any reward, let alone a job. He was just trying to quench the thirst of passion By practicing your skill and talent, you will find that you have perfected your art, hence you will not struggle when you get a job. Just like a business venture, a sacrifice comes with success in any field.

For you, it might be the will to start and showcase your talent and skill. You might be that person that your prospective employer is looking for.

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