Enact laws for women to own land, urges KLA

Kenya Land Alliance (KLA) has called for policies and laws that allow women to own land. Chief executive Lumumba Odenda said women should own land and property whether they are married or not.

Speaking during the launch of the Kenya Land Issuance Disaggregated Data Analysis report in Nairobi yesterday, he said there is need to support women to own land just like their male counterparts saying that women form an integral part in food security and poverty eradication.

Odende said women own only 1.26 per cent of land compared to their male counterparts who own more than 90 per cent. He urged the government to change its attitude towards women land ownership through setting up of all-inclusive policies and confront inequality in land ownership and issuance of title deeds.

Ownership rights National Land Commission (NLC) chairman Mohammad Swazuri said despite Kenya making strides in the land ownership rights, women still lag behind because of mistrust especially in marriages and refusal by men to guarantee them ownership rights.

He asked the Lands Ministry to ensure land records are kept well and complete digitisation of land registers to fast track access to information on land.

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