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New jam rescue on Airport Road

Chebet Korir @Chebetkorir

A few weeks ago, I emerged from our company office’s feeling a bit low. The sun was just starting to set but it was still too hot. I thought: Cold cocktails on a rooftop would do me some good.

I remembered a friend had mentioned a new cool lounge in the city. Before I could talk some sense to myself, I decided to drag a whiny but obedient friend and off we went to see the Craic Lounge.

Located inside the Southfield Mall adjacent to City Cabanas Club on Airport Road, Nairobi, this eatery offers stunning views of Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in a rough, but ready environment.

Once inside, the new lounge goes for an easy-going vibe with a slightly more polished décor. What stood out were the white, cosy leather seats blended with rustic tables that blended in quite well.

The lounge is not so big, but it has a trendy mature vibe with a top-notch setup that left us amazed. After settling down, all I could think of was a cold iced cocktail for starters. Sounds weird right?

Well, their cocktail menu, which ranges from Sh700 to Sh900, is robust with a section of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. I ordered a Amarula Martini, which is a combination of dry gin, lemon zest, Amarula and ice cubes.

Their prices are affordable, but their services were a bit slow that evening. Still, the drink was heavenly, with plenty of cheer. It was time to dine and I opted for fries with pork chops.

Nothing really stood out here: the fries were plain but it was tasty and was served on time. That was a plus for me. My partner ordered for the mashed potatoes with some boneless chicken, which I don’t think I could have enjoyed.

It was dry and not so well cooked. For both meals we spent only Sh1,800, which was pocket friendly. Good thing at Craic is, even when you decide to go past the hours you had planned, food is always readily available.

I was in dire need of another cocktail, something stronger this time round to help me digest the pork. I went for the Ruby Red Breeze, which was everything that I had anticipated.

Just a mixture of vodka, watermelon pieces, lemon juice and simple syrup, which cost Sh850. It was refreshing too. Surprising, within a few hours, the lounge was fully packed and the deejay was playing some 90’s music that was quite enjoyable.

There is not too much space for you to groove to the tunes, but you can always create your own dance floor. The waiters were attentive too. They checked in regularly, which I didn’t mind.

Good customer service always wins. I liked the idea of it being inside a mall— security is almost always guaranteed. So, if you have been wondering where to pass by after a long and busy day after work, this is the ideal hangout joint for you and your friends.

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