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A shopping guide for your newborn baby

As a new parent, your belly summersaults at the very sight of newborn clothes, especially if you are a first time parent. You find yourself buying every adorable and hard to resist cloth on the shelf.

However, you should be careful not to buy clothes that are not practical and avoid items that could make your child uncomfortable. Here is a shopping guideline when shopping for your newborn baby.

Avoid expensive clothes

Your child will spend the vast amount of his first three months sleeping, eating and pooping. And those last two often result in messy clothes thanks to spit up and leakage.

Therefore, don’t waste your money on expensive outfits that he will outgrow or spit up on or will be covered up by the baby blanket. You can have just a few best outfits for your baby to wear when visitors come, when you have photos taken, or for special occasions like a baptism.

What to buy

For everyday dressing, make sure your baby has plenty of onesies and gowns for nighttime also known as rompers. Also stock enough booties and hats to keep her warm. He really doesn’t need shoes at this point, but if you must cover his feet, invest in a good pair of soft-soled shoes.

What not to buy

Mittens are designed to cover newborn hands to prevent their nails from scratching their sensitive skin. However, the mitten’s elasticised wrists still do not go far enough up to stay on. Also, the baby uses hand to soothe himself.

Mittens will cause frustration for your baby. Skip the mitten by maintaining your baby’s nails by cutting and filing them. Don’t buy pants, they only serve to complicate diaper changes. The diapers act as inner wear pants at the moment.

Get the right fit

Usually, first time parents end up buying loads of clothes, which the baby ends up outgrowing by week 10. On the other hand, those who have been parents before are tempted to buy clothing too big for their fast growing baby.

Loose clothing can get caught up on something, or she could simply trip on it. Always buy well fitting clothes for your baby and put clothing that is too big away for the future.

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