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Raising our girls bold and confident

Ahead of marking International Women’s Day tomorrow, celebrity couple Wahu Kagwi and Nameless share with us their parenthood journey and being role models for their daughters

At this time and age, where women are still forced to fight for their rights in the family, society, workplaces and even in government representations, the onus is on the parents to ensure their daughters grow up to be strong, independent and confident young women who never feel inferior.

Celebrity couple Wahu Kagwi and her husband David Mathenge aka Nameless, knows this too well. The couple has two daughters Tumiso, 11, and Nyakio, 4.

“We want our girls to know that they should not be intimidated by boys. They should not feel threatened,” she says. Powerful girls grow up feeling secure in themselves.

They learn to take action, making positive choices about their own lives and doing positive things for others. A lot of time, children learn how to carry and assert themselves in the society based on what they observe. Psychologists and educationists say children are born as blank slates. “It is the same in our house.

If they see how I ooze confidence, how I respect their father and vice versa, they will ape the same. That’s the thing about having parents as positive role models,” she affirms. She points out that it is important for girls and boys alike to have the presence of both female and male parents in their lives.

“I see the way they behave when their father gives them a thumbs up. Mine is appreciated, but not as much as his. Every girl and boy needs this approval from their parents and in the long run, they feel confident and are able to assert themselves in the society,” she states.

Parenthood never comes with a manual and as such, first time parents receive a lot of advice from friends, relatives and even online. “When we got Tumiso 11 years ago, we had relatives and friends showering us with dos and don’ts, all in good faith and we appreciated it.

When Nyakio joined the family four years ago, it was not as tough because we had experience, though all children are different,” Wahu laughs. “Becoming a parent is life changing. All your priorities change. This is what my husband and I are focusing on, bringing up our children,” says the musician.

Seeing he is the only man in the house, he doesn’t mind the attention he receives. He loves Tumiso and Nyakio dearly. He has a soft spot for his girls. That makes Wahu the disciplinarian. The mother of two has trained her daughters to be responsible. The Mathenges are also keen on spending quality time together, whether indoors or outdoors.

They recently took their daughters to watch Black Panther. “Tumiso was over the moon. She enjoyed it,” she points out. Wahu, who has an undergraduate degree in Mathematics and a Masters in Communication, is keen on her children’s education.

“My husband and I do not mind their performance. What we are more concerned about is if they understand what they learn. Passing the exams is not a big deal for us as long as they grasped the concepts taught. We want them to have a decent education and be children, make friends and negotiate their way around life without a lot of publicity,” Wahu adds.

Tumiso is well in touch with matters environment. “She has a heart for conservation. Sometime last year, she was involved in a project on saving elephants and we supported her,” the proud mother recalls. Tumiso also has a knack for music. “It’s safe to say that she has taken after us (laughs).

She is a budding songwriter and once in a while hits the studio. But for now, we want her to concentrate on her education. If she still wants to pursue the same after she’s 21, we will be right there to help her.”

Nyakio, on the other hand, is a gentle child and is careful around other children. Wahu, who also rededicated her life to Christ in October 2016, wishes to instil Christian values on her children. “Everyone needs God and everything is centered on Him. We want the same values in our girls,” she concludes.

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