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Meet Dennis Karanja aka Denno a talented singer

Dennis Karanja aka Denno is a talented singer. The award-winning gospel artiste found love and eventually tied the knot with Faith Naliaka two years ago. Faith lets us in on their love life, family, career and more

Harriet James @[email protected]

So, who is Faith?

My name is Faith Naliaka. A second born in a family of two. I am a wife, a mother and a chef by profession.

How did the two of you meet?

We met in 2013 when he had come to visit his cousin in Kangemi who is also my best friend. We became friends and later on began dating.

So, how did he pop the big question?

At some point in 2015, I wasn’t feeling well and when I got better, I organised a party to appreciate my friends who had stood with me. He helped me a lot in terms of preparations and financial assistance. He had requested me to allow him use the platform to advertise his upcoming project to my friends who had also become his (laughs).

He had to use a projector. After a few speeches from my family and friends, it was my turn to conclude the meeting and also give him a chance. Everyone was attentive when I began my speech. And then I noticed they began losing concentration and were looking at the projector behind me.

I turned too and was shocked to see a picture of him and I seated together in a restaurant. I quickly apologised to my friends because of the image.

Little did I know that it was a plan and when I finished my speech and welcomed him, he came singing a song and when I looked at the projector again, it was written in large print, “Will you marry me?” He then went down on one knee and asked me to marry him. I said, “Yes” and the rest as they say is history.

How did your family react when you introduced him for the first time?

They saw him beyond his disability and accepted him. This was a great confirmation to me that our union was divine considering that my mum is tough, especially on such matters. There was also another great monster, which was tribe. We come from different tribes, but luckily it all went well with us.

What kind of challenges do you face as a couple?

Denno and his wife, Faith Naliaka, welcomed a baby in December last year. Photo/COURTESY

Sometimes when people see us walking together, they think that we are begging for cash or assistance. Others think that since he is a celebrity, he has a lot of money.

For instance, there is a place we buy vegetables in the market and they doubled the price of the veggies simply because they think that we have money.

However, their has been a lot of sensitisation on people living with disability.

This awareness has made many people accept people living with disability and thus created an enabling environment for them.

You welcomed a baby girl in December last year? How is parenthood so far?

It’s awesome. Everything comes naturally and makes me feel complete. However, there’s a great sense of responsibility that comes along with it.

What kind of a husband is he?

He is a great man of God. My God’s gift. Given a chance I would choose him again and again. He is loving, responsible and caring. I love that he loves God, is supportive; he inspires me on how to give great importance to the work of God.

Tell us about his music journey?

He began singing as a small boy when he was in school. He performed in music festivals, but professionally recorded his song in 2007.

His breakthrough song was Mbona, which he featured Daddy Owen in 2012. He has recorded other songs such as Ebeneza, Nakupenda, Naona Mbali, Story Yangu and is still working on more projects.

What role do you play in Denno’s career?

I intercede for him, for his ministry and career. I make sure that he is on point when going to the public. I also give him my opinion towards his performance, decisions and ministry at large that helps him to make profound choices and improvements where required.

Do you attend his events?

Sometimes I attend, but I’m always behind the scenes. He values my privacy and I appreciate it.

Does Denno do anything else apart from music?

Yes, he has a public address and sound system, which he hires out for events.

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