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Kiambu casual labourer wins Sh10m in Lotto raffle

Charles Thuku @peoplesport11 Anthony Nene has just joined the growing list of millionaires in Kenya courtesy of leading lottery company, Lotto. From doing problematic casual jobs in his neighbourhood in Githunguri, Kiambu County, the 40-year-old has bagged a cool Sh10 million through placing a wager.

“I have been a casual labourer for some time now. This job has numerous challenges. For instance, the jobs are not always there and the returns are also not impressive. Even with that though, one has to hustle to make ends meet. My wife sells scrape metal to contribute to the daily needs of our small family,” said Nene.

The father of two has still yet to come to terms with the life-changing fortune, saying it was something he never expected. “I was in the village when I received a call that I had won and I could not believe it.

When I was connected to (comedian) Mshamba who confirmed that I had indeed won the jackpot, I was thrown in to great confusion. I could not wake up my family members who were already a sleep to help me handle the news,” he added. He went on: “In the morning when I relayed the news to them, they were sohappy.

They broke into song and dance.” A book lover, movie fanatic and cyclist, Nene started playing Lotto in 2016 and maintained a routine of playing on Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays, days when the draws are normally conducted.

He used Sh150 a week, and even though it took time before he won, he never gave up. He has urged his family members who play Lotto to continue for they are also capable of winning.

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