Busia on spot over trafficking of girls

Child trafficking is rampant at the Busia border, a three-day stakeholders training in Busia town was told. Young girls are ferried to Nairobi or Mombasa as house-helps by even their mothers, it emerged.

It was further said those mostly trafficked are young girls who drop out of school while others are sourced from Uganda. “It is not easy to identify girls being trafficked by women who are not their biological mothers because they travel with them in buses posing as their own children,” said Esther Wasige, county director of Children’s department.

She said some of the children never see a coin of their salaries because the money is sent to either their mothers or those women who purport to be their biological mothers.

Wasige said the Education ministry will start monitoring children who drop out of school annually in order to curb child trafficking on the border. “Teachers and chiefs will be tracking students who miss school to establish their whereabouts,” she said.

She added that the Children’s department will come up with a referral document to monitor sexual offenses and other cases related to child abuse taken to police stations.

This decision was arrived at, she said, after the ministry discovered that many cases on child abuse such as defilement “get lost” after being reported to police for investigations. She said police officers in the child protection unit will be re-trained to be more effective in their duties.

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