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Most expensive sporting trophies

Wondered why the FIFA World Cup Trophy was heavily guarded with only President Uhuru Kenyatta allowed to hold it during its tour of Kenya last week? Well, its value is immeasurable. All athletes regard the trophies they win with pride and to them they are priceless. However, here are some of the most expensive.

FIFA World Cup: Sh2b

Probably the world’s most prestigious and expensive trophy, the FIFA World Cup Trophy was introduced in 1974 to replace the old Jules Rimet Trophy (once named Victory) and is awarded to the winners of the FIFA World Cup.

The original Jules Rimet Trophy was made from gold-plated silver but the 1974 version is made from 6.175 kg of 18-carat gold mounted on two layers of malachite.

It stands about 37 cm high. When it was first made, the trophy cost US$50,000 (Sh5 million) but these days is valued at about $20 million (Sh2 billion). Small wonder, the winning side only receives a gold-plated replica.

Woodlawn Vase: Sh355m

Woodlawn Vase trophy presented to the winner of (The Preakness Stakes). The second leg winner of the America’s horse-racing triple crown. The trophy building value is £5,000 (Sh710,000) but after insurance the trophy value exceed £2.5 million (Sh355 million) which made it second most expensive sports trophy.

Borg-Warner: Sh132m

Possibly the biggest trophy in sport, the Borg-Warner Trophy stands 1.625 m high and weighs 45 kg. It is awarded to the winner of the Indianapolis 500 and was first presented in 1936. When commissioned, it cost a then whopping US$10,000 (Sh1 million) but is now reckoned to be worth some $1.3 million (Sh132 million).

Made from sterling silver, the trophy is actually hollow and is unique in that a sculptured image of the winning driver is added to the trophy every year. Since 1988 winners have received a 460 mm replica, known as a ‘Baby Borg’.

Stanley Cup: Sh66m

World Cup trophy. Photo/Courtesy

The Stanley Cup first awarded in 1893 to the team of (Montreal Hockey Club). Montreal Canadiens are the most dominated team in the Stanley Cup they have claimed 24 titles.

How much is Stanley Cup trophy worth according to sources the trophy value at $650,000 (Sh66 million) but this amount increase with travel cost.

FA Cup: Sh60m

The FA Cup is presented to the winners of the world’s oldest association football competition. In its fifth incarnation, the trophy was first presented in 1872. Stolen in 1895, it was replaced with a replica that was used until 1910 and was sold at Christie’s in 2005 for £420,000 (Sh60 million).

The third trophy, a larger affair, was used until 1991, when it was replaced with an identical trophy because it had become too fragile. A new trophy, based on the 1911 trophy, was introduced for the 2014 FA Cup competition. At 6.3 kg it is heavier and sturdier than previous trophies.

Super Bowl: Sh5m

Also known as the Vince Lombardi Trophy, the Super Bowl Trophy is awarded to the winners of the NFL Superbowl and is shaped like a full-sized football on a kicking tee.

Standing about 56 cm high and weighing about 3.18 kg, the trophy is made of sterling silver. It was first awarded in 1967 (to the Green Bay Packers) and is retained by the winning team.

Each year a new trophy is crafted by silversmiths of the prestigious Tiffany & Co. at a cost of around US$50,000 (Sh5 million). And which team has the most? That honour goes to Pittsburgh Steelers with a total of six to date.

Champions League: 

Introduced in 1967, (the original was presented at the first tournament in 1956) the present UEFA Champions League Trophy is not particularly attractive but is the ultimate prize in European club football.

The sterling silver trophy stands 71 cm tall and weighs 7.5 kg so in bullion terms it is not that valuable. Clubs that win five or more times or three times in a row get to keep it. But, you’ll probably never get to buy even a copy as no one is licensed to produce replicas or miniatures.

The World Series: Sh1.5m

This trophy has been tweaked a little and is in silver and at two feet tall it weighs around 30 pounds. With 30 gold plated flags it really is worth a win. There is also a silver baseball with 24 karat vermeil stitches.

NBA: Sh1.35m

This is the biggest basketball prize and has been named after Larry O’Brien. The 14.5pounds silver has a 24 karat gold overlay. With a nine inch basketball shown around a hoop it is one of the most expensive sports trophies.

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