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Why did you go for this car?

I was looking for a fast car, but I also wanted it to be practical too, as I have to transport a lot of equipment. The sizeable boot is one reason I wanted a hatchback. I also like its profile; it’s just sleek and sexy, as all BMWs tend to be.

My dad was also a huge BMW fan,so I guess it just rubbed off on me. I don’t plan on modifying it, but the only thing I’ve done is having it professionally tinted. I’ll probably put some nicer rims, but that’s about it. BMWs are not cars you fiddle with a lot.

What do you love about this car?

I think I’m still adjusting to this car, I only got it late last year. Before that, I was driving a Toyota Spacio and the difference between the two is simply ridiculous. First of all, it’s really fast. The acceleration time from zero to about 60kph is properly quick and will leave you blown away. After that the initial surge of power trails off, but the initial launch is addictive.

I also like it because it’s stable, it sits low on the ground and you’ll never feel like it’s unsettled. The fact that it’s a rear wheel drive gives it unique driving characteristics. Cornering in this car is simply sublime.

I also appreciate the love I get from other BMW drivers. It’s almost like a family. I remember a certain guy in a BMW X6 was flashing his lights at me excitedly and all he wanted to do was say hi to a fellow BMW fan.

Any drawbacks?

While on one hand I love its low-slung stability, this quickly becomes a problem when faced with potholes or bumps. I end up scraping the underside.

The fact that it runs out of puff after 60kph is also somewhat disappointing. I love the colour black and I think it makes the car look even sleeker, but it also attracts a lot of dust. I end up going to the car wash a lot just to keep it gleaming.

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