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Bernadine Negara, CEO, Cookies n Cream Enterprise

Marcella Akinyi

What inspired you to start your own business?

Cooking different dishes and learning new methods has always been my passion. I decided to take up baking as I always loved how cakes looked and how the designs were evolving with time. I thought to myself; what an art. That is how Cookies n Cream Enterprise began in 2012.

What should a couple look out for when choosing a baker for their wedding cake?

The budget. A couple could be wishing for a beach house yet their budget is for a bedsitter. Research online for a baker whose style matches your interest. There are many of them on social media today. Look at their portfolio and reviews.

The baker should be able to flow with you in terms of understanding your order and style, and not just be in business to make money. They should be able to help you create a memory that you will love and live to remember. Check their availability then book your cake early and go through your contracts well.

What do you see as the 2018 wedding cakes trend?

Cake sample made by Bernadine Negara, CEO, Cookies n Cream Enterprise.

Looking around, I am seeing assortments of flowers used, and not just roses.

Also, the damask pattern and more colours too. People are getting bolder with colours. And one that will not die soon, the naked cake.

What is your price range?

From Sh1,600 per kilo, depending on the type of cake and design. For wedding cakes, from Sh2,200 per kilo.

What’s the craziest experience you’ve ever had with a client?

A bride once asked for a cake with an under the sea theme. She wanted specific stands and fillings for the cake.

We went all out as we were just starting out and had moved from baking at home. We bought the moulds and stands, and decided it was a good investment. Then the client went quiet and bailed out on us, reason being someone in the family decided to do the cake for free… three weeks to the wedding!

What are some mistakes bakers make when dealing with couples?

Not being good listeners, not writing down the client’s specifications, thinking they will remember everything. Also, not being able giving an option if possible, and make it work for the couple. Lastly, promising to execute a design they know they cannot hack. Honesty is key.

What advice can you give an upcoming wedding baker?

Know what you are doing and understand your ingredients. Stick to the technique and the recipe, unless you have substituted with another ingredient and it has worked well before.

Keep updating yourself by reading books, watching YouTube and trying out different styles and designs. I always say, baking and decorating is like IT, it keeps on changing. You have to be alert.

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