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Everything feels fresh at J’s

Thursday is the new Friday, but have you ever noticed just few people go out raving on this day, since most bars, especially in the CBD, always tend to have those theme nights. So, you always have to either forcefully jam to reggae, or some new band doing cover songs.

But there are places such as J’s Fresh Bar and Kitchen that you can hangout on those weekdays and still feel awesomely adventurous. J’s, formerly known as Juniper Kitchen, is located along Muthangari Drive in Westlands.

The gastro has great ambience with really chilled out music, loud enough to enjoy, but also subtle to talk over it without literally having to shout. Imagine 5pm after a long day at work, a glass of mimosa in the hand as you watch the sun set, what more could you ask for?

It’s a hip bar and they have a lot of vegetation on the outside and on bar benches, a thing that gives it a fresh breath, rustic feel but still modern. I was there on Thursday last week. I got in at 5pm and within an hour the place was extremely full.

I guess I concentrated too much on the food that I didn’t realise the droves of people streaming in. And it looked like a plan perfect for a Thursday night. Nothing too over the top, but laid back and hip as well.

Plus there is a dancing floor provided incase you feel the need to burn your energy levels. Very few places have that provision nowadays and you end up dancing at the feet of where you are sitting or result to dancing on the chair, which is completely pointless and beats the purpose.

I also liked the idea of having an additional food truck, which caters for the outdoor sitting area. It makes the service more efficient enough for the crowd. So, if you’re wondering where you could chill out after work, eat and drink, J’s is the ultimate hotspot.

Their menu is also a bit diverse; they have light bites, main meals, puddings and also platters. They are also known for their unique cocktails and mocktails. They also have one main kitchen and another one on a van outdoors to make the service even more effective for their large numbers of revellers.

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