Britain gives Sh2.6b as payout to kin of Mau Mau victims

More than 5,000 Mau Mau Veterans have been awarded Sh2.6 billion by the United Kingdom (UK) government after they won a case against the British colonial authorities for atrocities.

The Mau Mau War Veterans Association (MMWVA) officials led by its secretary general Gitu wa Kahengeri and vice chair Joseph ole Laros said 5,228 members have so far benefitted from Sh340,000 each.

“Most of those who were tortured and are still alive went to the UK where they were vetted and as we speak, money has already been remitted in their accounts as compensation for the atrocities meted upon them by the British,” said Kahengeri.

The “Mashujaa” who spoke in Narok town also hailed President Uhuru Kenyatta for being the first Kenyan President to meet the freedom fighters after allegedly being “brushed off” by the previous successive regimes.

“On February17, 2016, we met with President Uhuru at State House where we gave him our memoranda and he pledged to assist us. He is the first President to meet us in person for two hours and we really appreciate him,” he added.

Kahengeri also said MMVWA is the only legitimate mouth piece of the freedom fighters and rubbished other factions trying to use the name of Mau Mau for selfish reasons.

The freedom fighters have however, asked Kenyans to shun the tribal political divisions and unite adding that no tribe is independent. “When we fought for this country’s independence, it was a rare unity of all tribes.

Then, the common enemy was the colonialists. Independence was not meant to benefit a particular tribe but all Kenyans. Let us love each other devoid of tribalism as we need each other,” he said.

To keep the history of the freedom fighters alive, the officials said they have registered their descendants and other interested Kenyans to join the association. – KNA

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