Uhuru warns State officials against graft

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President Uhuru Kenyatta has warned accounting officers in government against pilferage and waste of public resources. He also said that those caught misusing public resources would pay dearly.

Accounting officers are Principal Secretaries that head State departments; chief executive officers, managing directors, and directors-general of State-owned enterprises (parastatals) and vice chancellors of public universities.

“We want to categorically and clearly state that funny practices that lead to loss or wastage of public resources will not be allowed,” the President told the officers at a meeting in State House.

“We will not entertain anybody messing up with government resources,” the President said. President Uhuru repeated the uncompromisingly message he delivered to Cabinet Secretaries last month: Any accounting officer who deemed their burden too heavy is free to depart from government.

Prudent use of public funds is a key plank in delivering the President’s Big Four plan that targets providing more roofs over the heads of Kenyans, ensuring more jobs by enhanced manufacturing, making sure hunger and starvation are stories confined to history, and ensuring everyone has access to healthcare.

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