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Israeli Food Festival set for next weekend

On March 10 to 11, Kenya will for the first time host an Israeli culinary festival in Nairobi. The event, which will take place at the Rouge Deck in dusitD2 hotel off Chiromo Road, will offer an experience of flavours, colours, vibes and music of Israel.

Speaking on the upcoming festival, Noam Orr, owner of Kenyan-based company, Baraka Israel, said Canaan is a land of honey and milk. “We want the Kenyan people to enjoy the savour and the taste of Israel.

We wanted to do something that hasn’t been done before as a way to bring both countries together,” he said. Baraka Israel has teamed up with the Israeli Embassy in Nairobi on the project, with ‘a lot of support’ from Israeli companies such as the Golan Heights and Teperberg winery, who will be providing the wines.

The menu will be collaboration between an Israeli and a Kenyan chef. “Our food is a fusion of the Middle East — Israel is a lot like Kenya, where we have 42 tribes. In Israel, people migrate from all over the world, so we have a lot of influences,” said Noam.

With only Sh1,500 payable online through ticketsasa, guests will get to indulge in a tasting flight of 20 different Israeli wines, which will also be on sale at discounted prices. There will be more than 15 delicious Israeli food bitings, such as the falafel (a round patty jam-packed with ground chickpeas, fava-beans, vegetables and spices.

This meal will be served inside a pocket of pita bread, packed with salad vegetables and drizzled with decadently delicious tahini sauce shawarmas with its layering of different meats and gourmet Halva (a tahini-based sweet), among others.

Guests will also get to enjoy Israeli music and a worldwide Israeli art show. You will also stand a chance to win round trip flights to Israel with Ethiopian Airlines.

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