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Size8 Apigwa Msasa Kwa Kuvalia Hivi.

Ikifika ni maswala ya kumtoa mutu rangi  wakenya mitandaoni ni Nambari moja.

Wakukosolewa hivi karibuni ni size8 kwa ku post picha ambayo haikuridhisha fans wake.

Kulingana na wao kama mwanamziki wa Gospel hufai kuvaa ama kupost picha zinazo unyesha sehemu Fulani za mwili. Aidha haikukosa wale walio muunga mkono

Preciouayvonnebulimo Really a born again,,, showing off your body like that may God forgive you

Nancy_griffiths @preciouayvonnebulimo even me I wonder

Keniaclassychiquittas254 I wouldn’t say she was showing off her body in fact she looks descent. The only thing is that most of these gospel Kenyan artists are fake. They live a fake life. I know God says not to judge but I honestly don’t admire these guys cause there’s a lot of things that don’t add up.

elizabethwatuka God bless you size 8 ,enjoy life to the fullest ,you are not an angel you are, but a mare human being ….covering your body doesn’t mean you’re holy, before i forget uko coast what do they expect….we should always pray for one another ….may God protect this couple from all the evil…i love you guys

Ken_kensome U don’t have to show us those Thighs or u r preaching with them!!!



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