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Kenyans asked to embrace cycling as serious career

Kenyans have been urged to embrace cycling as a sporting career as it is a sport like any other and can help one earn a living. Kenya Biking team coach Simon Blake, most of the people don’t take cycling serious in the country despite the sport having produced good cyclists who are pursuing their career abroad.

“Africa is headed in the right direction in terms of embracing cycling as a career but most youths joke around with the latter. Biking is a profession that has made people billionaires,” said Blake.

Speaking after the Kijabe Enduro Mountain Bike Race, Blake called upon youths who haven’t tried cycling due to lack of experience, good equipment or training to get in touch with the Kenya biking team so that they can get the necessary guidance.

“As a hub of talents, we are ready to nurture more youths to develop interest and join biking which currently has a deficit of professional coaches.

With the support of the government, sports lovers, we will move the biking sector far beyond,” he said. In the race, 16-year-old Adam Davis from California but a resident of Kijabe won the top biker trophy sending a strong message of encouragement to other youth in the country to pursue biking as it is growing so fast as a sport.

Davis admitted that he has a future as a cyclist and intends to pursue it to the international scenes. However, the sponsors decried heavy taxation and import duty by the government over the equipment that they use in the races and thus making it hard to facilitate the races.

Justus Gatheru, the CEO and founder of Tech Nuggets, a company that supplies biking equipment and accessories, called upon the government to reduce the import duty and also support the sporting activities in the country for the sake of the youth who would want to pursue their talents in the sporting careers.

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