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Tired of being a heroine for my villagers

Sometimes being in the city is not always a good thing. I have relatives who have been calling me asking me to get in touch with their baby daddies in Nairobi, concerning their children’ birth certificates.

I don’t like how when you step foot in the city you are expected to be a heroine to all. It’s like I don’t have a life of my own or my own errands to run. Immediately I moved to the city, I suddenly became that one relative everyone from the village admires. I was happy to help at first, but annoyances can arise when trying to help relatives.

One time I tried to help my cousin find a job as a cateress in school. I moved around on Sundays and I finally got her a job as tea girl. When I told her, the reaction I got was not what I expected, she refused the job offer and insinuated that I didn’t care if she got a good job or not, since I already had one myself.

I was infuriated! I swore to never help a relative again unless, I am paid for consultancy. Ironically, that has been far from it. I have recently found myself giving directions to places like Huduma Centre, locating people’s husband, collecting and posting birth certificates to everyone who asks.

This one time I agreed to help for the sake of adhering to Matiangi’s rules. I mean I’d hate for any of my nieces or nephews to miss school simply because I refuse to help.

However, after all this birth certificate drama is over, I plan to stick to my initial resolution. Either you pay for my services as a consultant or travel to the city yourself, period.

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