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Meet music producer, Magix Enga

With over eight years of experience as a music producer, Magix Enga, has produced and collaborated with an array of exciting artistes, who he describes as hard-working and futuristic as he shares with Chebet Korir

Talk to us about your music.

I studied music production at The Tapev Music School, Nakuru. However, at that time, my main interest was playing instruments including the piano and guitar. The education phase was an umbrella for the research I was doing in handling digital music software and profession business.

Although I am an editor, I gathered eight years of productive experience as a videographer. I have deep knowledge of complex video tools, which sets me apart from other key videographers in town.

You have extensively worked with various local artistes. How has your relationship with them evolved over the years?

I am inspired by artistes who know what they want and execute it to the best of their ability. I have worked with the likes of Khaligraph Jones, Prezzo, Gabu, KRG The Don, Timmy TDat, Otile Brown, Kayvo KForce, Naiboi, just to name but a few. These are artistes who have revolutionised local content and are quite futuristic.

Speaking of Naiboi, you recently released a song with him dubbed, Love You, which has received massive airplay. Naiboi also has created a safe space in the music scene to be himself. What is the key to this intimate collaboration?

I try to challenge and push the artiste, so we can leave the session with something amazing and unexpected. Also, to be able to work on a good collaboration, the vibe has to be there. Every song I work on, there is a lot of liveliness and hype.

So, how can you best describe your sound?

Upbeat modernised music.

Do you have a certain way of working or does it change depending on the artiste?

Not really, as I said, I am unpredictable. I personally call anyone I want to work with and we create good music. I, however, haven’t got a set method of working with artistes.

Everything I do is instinctive. But as I can’t stand routine, I usually search for projects that challenge me. I pick strong characters, people who show a breadth of styles and who will allow me to experiment and glue together different genres.

You prefer working singles rather than albums. Why is that?

When I look back, the best projects I have been involved in have come together through a process of working closely with an artiste for a long period of time rather than dipping in for a day to try and make something quickly. Nowadays, producing a single is almost too easy.

An album still is the truest form of recorded musical expression. An album when done right is a journey, a series of stories that connect to each other.

Although you’re just in the starting blocks of your music career, what’s been the highlight so far?

I believe this is my year. I have released and produced a few songs that have had good reception. That so far has been my highlight.

What are some projects you are currently working on?

I have a line-up of singles from both local and regional artistes. I am also working on my first studio extended play (EP), keep an eye out.

Lastly, what’s the story behind your name?

I create magical and memorable songs thus the name Magix.

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