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#Camporage: Campus icon for who!

There is a group of suave fake folks who really need to be ‘mulikwad’. The large group of wannabes and self-proclaimed icons who traverse the streets of campus like they are from a family of colonial loyalties who own the place! Of course, you have seen them: those ‘campus icons’  with 100k followers on Instagram, twitter and Facebook,  but 12 per cent on all their school tests combined. No, I do not mean to shade but if online followers were bitcoins, these fellas would own the universe!

These online adherents have no life goals but ninjas own twitter and Instagram follow trains proclaiming in utter pride how they help peeps gain followers. These demented kids go around basking in the adulation of campus pride quickly to introduce themselves as ‘Campo icons’ with so much pride and suavity almost as if the SI unit of success is 37 retweets and 500 likes on Instagram. This crowd needs to swallow some pride and embrace the reality. 

Who is rightfully warranted to be called a campus icon? Campos are the reservoirs for knowledge and academic excellence. Peeps have reversed the meaning. It’s now a hub for babies with hunger for fame,a playground of wannabes where 112 retweets mean much more than a good GDP.  It’s a holding ground for disillusioned females who would rather abandon Sunday school doctrines and strip their worth for some photographer all in search of 352 likes on Instagram. Y’all want to infiltrate the job market but all you can bring on the table is Instagram likes and twitter follow trains. The Chinese are busy making it in life; building us a railway while our engineering students are busy crafting hash tags for Twitter follow trains. 

The same wannabes and self-proclaimed hostel celebrities are the most clueless on matters class work groups but yet,  they have several WhatsApp groups under their names. If the ninja is called Brian,  there are more than 10 groups under the name #TeamBrian filled with religious adherents whose work is to follow his accounts and like his pictures. They put too much work to get noticed as if the qualification for graduation shall be the base score of online likes accumulated. Just who exactly are you to own a team? Some of us have a ‘we see your face once a day’ policy. You cannot be the only thing we see from dawn to dusk. Get busy bruh! Do some schooling sis. We are tired of your bikini photoshoots. We have become numb to those thirst traps. They have now become commonplace. Do something new. Let us now see your picture in a graduation gown!

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