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Change the game at Bao Box

I like when people refer me to posh places, it means they know where I stand in life (laughs). Posh is life and I am not about that shady life — anyone who knows me can attest to that. But enough of my Aquarius traits. Have you heard or been to Bao Box on eighth floor of Pramukh Towers on Westlands Road?

Walking into the establishment tells you just how creative guys are when it comes to setting up a restaurant and bar business. Baobox blends well a rustic and modern feel and houses both an indoor and ourdoor sitting area. I, especially loved the wood pallet seats and tables on the terrace. Over the weekend, my girls and I spent the better part of our Saturday there celebrating my name day.

What sets Baobox from other establishments is that you get to enjoy playing board games as you wine and dine. With Sh1,000, you can play a variety of unlimited games — we’re talking Jumanji, Monopoly, Scrabble, Poker, Taboo, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, and everyones favourite, Cards Against Humanity — a party game for horrible people.

Boa Box works best for a group, but that doesn’t in no way mean you can’t hit the place on date night.  Unlike a lot of establishments that have made Wi-Fi provisions available, Baobox is all about knowing those in your party and thus discourage anti social behaviour that is thriving in the tech society. They’re all about bring back the old days, with mellow tunes playing in the background as you play one game at a time and have conversations.

I found the rates pocket friendly with food prices ranging from Sh400 to Sh1,800, draft beer goes for Sh250 and Sh350 for 250ml and 350ml respectively, while imported beers goes for Sh400. However, they do not have local beers on sale something I found a bit odd, with the ever growing thirst for our local beers.

Not sure where to go this weekend? I highly recommend Bao Box. It gets to fill up quite quickly as the day goes, so I would advise you go a bit early. They’re open till midnight, so the earlier you are there the better.

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