Group faults State on post-poll crackdown

Kenya’s human rights record was last year marred by violent crackdown on protestors and attacks on political opponents, a human rights organisation has said.

Speaking during the launch of a report on the state of the World’s Human Rights 2017/2018 in Nairobi yesterday, Amnesty International regional director for East Africa Sarah Jackson said governments should address grievances that push people to protest instead of trying to silence them.

She observed that most human rights violations take place during political contests, with the victims being people aggrieved by perceived electoral unfairness.

“From Asmara to Kinshasa, Kisumu to Addis Ababa, people rallied in the streets throughout 2017 to demand respect of their rights and in many cases were met with violence from security forces,” she said.

The report also said Kenyans were denied the right to healthcare due to the doctors’ strike which lasted from December 2016 to March 2017.

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, protests including those related to the political crisis sparked by delayed elections, were met with excessive force by the security forces.

Some of the most pressing human rights concerns, according to the report, include repression of dissent, attacks on human rights defenders, journalists and opposition activists, armed conflict and violence and torture.

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