More voices urge Cricket Kenya board to quit after poor performance

Following the move by Cricket Kenya (CK) Chairperson Jackie Janmohamed’s resigning, calls are out for the rest of the board to follow suit.

Critics are continue to go hard on the CK leadership for being part of the rot the sport is witnessing currently and are therefore demanding changes.

High-profile officials including the senior men’s team head coach Thomas Odoyo (pictured) and captain Rakep Patel following a string of poor results that dropped them to Division Three just recently rocked CK.  Nothing at the moment from any of the remaining Board members or the General Manager has been forthcoming on the way forward.

According to retired international all-rounder Edward Tito Odumbe, time for change was long overdue.

“It does not paint a good picture at all if only the chairperson vacates and the rest purport to be still in office. The other guys must take a walk so that proper changes can be effected. Of importance is addressing the matter of elections but even before that, the issue of the electoral college need to be rethought because it has created part of the problem through segregation,” he said adding that only persons of qualifications and integrity should be considered.

Odumbe also called for a proper road map after a stakeholders meeting to forestall further challenges in future.

“We need to prioritise on getting our footing back but through a sustainable plan obviously.”

Seeing as Cricket Kenya has yet to pass the Sports Act 2013 test of being registered afresh, it becomes unclear the short term solution. However the fact that they have been given grace period to comply with the Act, the current constitution as it stands is considered invalid.

There has a push for about elections being held to be held to arrest the crisis. However according to experts the move could spell a disaster.

“If CK attempts to hold an election under the impending circumstances, it shall not be recognised because it will be unconstitutional,” said a Sports Lawyer who spoke on condition of anonymity.

Meanwhile former coach Odoyo has accused critics of being a frustrating lot thus complicating work at the helm.

“It is a job that needs toughness but unfortunately people are always ready to criticise. Personally I had to be patient but it could only be for so long. I gave my all but I felt I was not making a difference so I had to quit.”

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