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Relief as stolen twin baby found

Wangui Githugo @Wango_G

The heart-wrenching narrative of a trusting father who had innocently handed his baby to a “Good Samaritan”ended happily yesterday when the two-week-old infant was reunited with his parents.

While it is a chronicle that puts to question how one can hand over their baby to a stranger for hours on end on the absolutely naïve basis of shared mother tongue, it is also a story of elation and joy finally drowning pain and suffering.

For Job Ouko and his wife Jane Kerubo, whose twin baby Prince had vanished with a stranger at the Kenyatta National Hospital (KNH) on Sunday morning, the nightmare came to an end following a phone tip off that there was a baby in the City’s sprawling Kawangware he might be interested in checking out.

The call made by a neighbour of the suspected child snatcher followed release of a CCTV footage and personal information and details, including cellphone number provided by Job Ouko during a TV interview that finally led to the arrest of a woman now detained at Muthangari Police Station.

The woman of interest had reportedly brought the baby to her one-roomed house two days earlier. Ouko said that after appearing on TV on Monday over the baby’s loss, he received a call from a woman who did not wish to be identified to go and confirm whether the baby with her neighbour was his.

Following the tip-off, a distraught father, in company of a friend and brother, rushed to Kawangware where they found the suspect, Edna Kwamboka, outside washing clothes while inside were two women said to be her sisters who he found feeding the baby.

According to Ouko, the two women were “shocked” upon learning that the baby was not their sister’s even as they were later to admit they had travelled all the way from Kisii where they were due to return, to introduce the baby to the expectant family.

Apparently, Kwamboka had sometime last year had a miscarriage and was under immense pressure to present her baby to her family whom she had not visited for several months.

Speaking to the People Daily the suspect who identified herself as Faith, had on Sunday morning been queueing with other patients at KNH awaiting to be attended to when she met the stranded Ouko family at the Emergency and Accidents unit awaiting for clearance to admit his wife, Kerubo, who was suffering from heart-related ailment.

She admitted that after waiting for hours on end to see a doctor, Ouko left the twins with her, and another woman to attend to his wife. Although Faith admitted that the baby is not hers, she claimed she was a victim of drugging by a woman who had left hospital and that she later found herself at home with the baby.

But earlier, before our interview, she had, however, told the area assistant chief Steven Wachira that she bought the baby for Sh20,000 and even provided a number of the woman who had allegedly sold her the baby.

The name, according to True Caller, was Shedy Creva. But according to a senior police boss who did not wish to be identified because investigations had just been launched, the case was one of syndicate working to abduct children,including from public areas.

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