Baby Pendo kin testify in inquest

Roberto Muyela @PeopleDailyKe

Two witnesses and a minor testified in an inquest seeking to unearth the events behind the death of Baby Samantha Pendo. The witnesses, Lenser Acheing’ and Joseph Abanja who are Samantha’s parents recollected the events of the ill-fated night when infant was allegedly clobbered on the head by a police officer.

Their firstborn daughter who is a minor also testified in a closed-door court session. Testifying before Kisumu Resident magistrate Beryl Omolo, Achieng’ said on August 12, last year, policemen raided their residence in Nyalenda and descended on them with clubs and tear gas.

“At around midnight, we were woken up by cries from our neighbour who was calling for help saying police had raided his house,” she said. Achieng’ said after sometime, the officers ordered them to open their door failure to which they would break it to gain access.

She says, she convinced her husband Abanja not to open the door as she sensed trouble but the officers found a little opening on the door which they used to throw a tear gas canister inside the house.

“They had locked the door from outside but my husband managed to open it and went outside where the officers began beating him,” said Achieng. Since her two daughters were sound asleep, Achieng’ says she grabbed the youngest (Samantha) and rushed outside the house fearing that she may not be able to withstand the chocking smoke.

“When outside, two men dressed in police uniform descended on me with clubs despite pleading with them to have mercy on me as I was carrying a six-month-old baby,” she said. The hearing will continue on Friday.

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