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Are these bae surprises just a hoax?

So, this 20-year-old surprised le bae with a brand new Mercedes-Benz E200 2010 on Valentine’s Day. The model and student from Kenya Methodist University (Kemu) was forced to secure a loan from her dad to buy her ‘babe’ a car; which she says he has always wanted. Now, if you read keenly, there’s everything wrong with those two statements. But yes, it happened and there were these Kemu banners (hint hint) spread behind the scene to mark this crazy surprise. 

But first things first, at 20 what do you know? And whose 20-year-old father would just dish out mulla to buy some young love a merc? I don’t care how rich your father is, but no father would agree to such a ridiculous idea.  Ask Dangote’s children and they’ll confirm how first their father would dismiss this nonsense. A husband maybe, but a boyfriend? Since we’ve agreed no dad would do this, only one thing remains. Issahoax. If you’ve walked around Kemu building—where the drama went down, you’ll notice this banner that has never been there before. At the exact place where the surprise was, there was a Kemu banner conveniently put up to act as a prop. Then the ‘Kemu students, this KEMU students that’?

So, if you happen to bump into either the surpriser or surprisee fighting for space in a Buru jav tomorrow, just smile and wave. Even the blindfold itself was some Kemu theme colour. Then again how is a merc’ a priority at 20? Apparently and according to the surpriser, the surprisee had plans to purchase a car for quite a long time, but responsibilities have always come along the way. Purchase a car? And not just any car, a merc and you are struggling with college bills? Talk about having priorities upside down.

Money has been poured, how much? Well, not my circus, not my monkey. I could go on and on about just how much of a flop this was, but these stands are becoming annoying. Then Eric Omondi. Mara billboard welcoming the girlfriend or is it fiancée home. Then now ‘bought’ miss bae a ride and get pics conveniently taken next to the Prestige World Motors Billboard? Whatever happened to creative minds!

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