How I discovered healing power of natural juices

Turning vegetables and fruits into natural drinks has become a cardinal rule for many healthy-living fanatics. For Alice  Waceke she learnt the real benefits of juicing  over 28 years ago when her twins were born prematurely

Drinking natural juice is becoming common that every better-living enthusiast is taking up.

Some Facebook groups have even encouraged members to go on a juice-only diet for a few days to cut weight.

For Alice Waceke an avid  natural juice crusader the message is not a new age fascination. She has seen how  juicing fruits and vegetables can have an healing effect on the body.  She first saw the positive effect of drinking natural juice 28 years ago when she gave birth to twin daughters, Ruth and Judy Kangendo.

The girls were born prematurely at  five and half months and they faced many health challenges. Ruth was so prone to infections that doctors performed surgery on her when she was a week old. They suffered from allergies and side effect of the medications they were taking to prevent the health complications. Alice, a nutritionist was at the time studying at the Emporia State University in Kansas, US when she met a man who knew alot about natural healing and alternative medicine.

He invited her to a bible study in his home where she learnt alot about natural healing, including the benefits of fruits and vegetables. She decided to start juicing for her children and within no time their health improved significantly and her trips to hospitals became a thing of the past. “I introduced juicing to them when they were six years old.  Two months later I came home and started juicing for my mother who suffered from  high blood pressure and memory lapses. I made it part of my lifestyle and seven years ago my husband and I agreed to set up Natural Juicing Centre in Kenya,” she explains.

Juicing is the process of extracting juice from fruits and vegetables. The liquid you get as a result of juicing contains live enzymes, vitamins and  minerals that are good for the body.  Drinking juice minimises the body’s digestive effort, since nutrients are absorbed into the blood stream within minutes. Juicing breaks down fibres in vegetables, making it easier to absorb all the nutrients.

The benefits of drinking  juice as opp- osed to eating them raw are many.

When you eat a fruit or vegetable, absorption is reduced by 20 per cent and it takes hours to digest. When you juice them, the absorption rate increases by up to 70 per cent and it takes minutes.

Alice explains that juicing alkanises the body and infuses cells with high dose of phytonutrients. “By drinking juice you allow the body to conserve energy and utilise it to heal you at the base of the problem, not just the symptoms.   The body is brought to a state where it can start to heal itself, if provided with the right conditions,”she says.

The centre offers preventative treatment that takes three days. The full intensive treatment  takes up to 30 days.

“There are different types of juicing.  Drinking juice can help to manage weight and cleansing the body. However, you shouldn’t put yourself on a juice-only diet. You might relapse and the results may not  be long lasting,” she explains.

Through juicing, the body cells recreate themselves and the immune system is boosted. Most of the juices tend to lower the risk of cancer and heart disease.

“Different patients have different ailments, so the treatment varies. The first thing we do is colon cleansing. Cleansing re-balances and cleans the sludge, mucus and toxins in our bodies, so we can adequately absorb nutrients. It balances our pH scale, letting our bodies be slightly alkaline. One of the most important results of putting your cells through juice cleansing is that it will help to the maintain pH balance of your body. It has been scientifically proven, you are less prone to diseases and ailments if your body is slightly alkaline,” she says.

Other treatments offered at the centre include hydrotherapy, juice therapy, massage therapy, steam baths, reflexology and counselling. The centre also offers supplements to patients who need them. Alice explains that most of her patients include those with heart and kidney disease as well as cancer patients. One of the most extreme cases she has handled was of a woman with kidney problems.   She was undergoing dialysis and after starting the juicing treatment her health improved significantly after a week.

“One thing we experience is a patient walking in and expecting an overnight change. This is a challenge.  There are patients we’ve dealt with who have relapsed after leaving the facility. If you have diabetes, you have to cut down on beef, wheat and dairy, so when they come back we always know the damage done,” she says.

The center not only treats, but also trains and educates its clients on supplements and lifestyle change. Juice should be a part of everyone’s lives with two glasses a day is recommended. She explains that you may not need a juicing machine to make juice. You can use a blender for most fruits and vegetables to keep the fiber

Alice concludes by saying that it is important to know where to source your raw materials. Most of their foodstuff is grown at the centre and others are sourced from purely organic farms.

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