Muturi dismisses claims of House capture by Executive


National Assembly Speaker Justin Muturi has rubbished claims that the independence of the Legislature is threatened by the Executive and political parties supremacy battles. He termed the claims “baseless and formed out of ignorance and misunderstanding” of the role of political parties, adding that Parliament has never taken instructions from the Executive because the three arms of government operate within the doctrines of separation of power.

“Political parties have power to hold parliamentary group meetings and decide on positions to take in Parliament and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. It is happening all over the world and it is only in Kenya where people are making noise when political parties meet and take position on a particular issue,” he said.

Muturi, who spoke when he opened the induction retreat for the Liaison Committee that brings together chairs of various committees, was reacting to claims by some members, especially the opposition who have alleged that the House has been captured by the Executive.

At the same, the Speaker told chairs of various House committees to ensure their members adhere to the code of conduct as stipulated by the Parliamentary Standing orders.

He urged the chairs to instill discipline among members by ensuring that they attend regular meetings as scheduled, adhere to the parliamentary dress code and conduct deliberations and consultations in an orderly manner.

“Committees are a replica of the House and all members have a duty to conduct and behave in a manner that instills confidence and does not demean the offices we hold, whether in public, private and in association with others,” he said.

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