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Meet Jaslet Wambui – young swimmer

Tell us about yourself

I’m Jaslet Wambui, aged seven years, and I go to Prairie School, Ngara. I’m also passionate about swimming.

How did it all begin?

When I was two, we used to have swimming lessons. During the lessons, I would insist on staying in the pool longer than other children. Slowly, I became passionate about swimming.

How was your passion nurtured to a skill?

My mum and teachers noticed my passion for swimming and enrolled me for training. I was introduced to a trainer and since then, I have been taking swimming lessons. It is now about three years of training. Every Friday, I go to train at Aga Khan Sports Centre, Parklands.

What is your greatest achievement in swimming so far?

I have been able to practise different styles and I am good in all. I can comfortably do butterfly and backstroke without any strain. Last year, I participated in Swim Africa competition and topped in my category. I think by that, I have made great steps in swimming.

Jaslet Wambui – young swimmer.

Apart from swimming, are there any other activities you’re involved in?

Yes, I am a ballet dancer. Lately, I have been doing a lot of dancing practices because I want to be an excellent dancer.

How do you balance your time between swimming, dancing and your studies?

My parents help me decide what to do and at what time. I am a top performer in class. I strive to do everything to my best.

Who is your best friend? Telling us something about her

Gabriella Muthoni. She is my classmate, and is a swimmer as well, but she does it for fun. At school, we like being together and at home, we visit each other. We play and do many other things together. I like Gabriella.

What is your biggest dream in life?

I want to become an international swimming champion. When I’m grown up, I know I will have made an excellent swimmer and I will be representing my country in Olympics in swimming.

Your parting shot?

I would like to thank my parents, my teachers, friends and classmates for supporting and believing in me. I would also urge all children to nurture their talents. Besides classwork, I believe everyone is gifted in something else.

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