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Meet Bride: Tabbie Wachinga Groom: Ian Masidza

Bride: Tabbie Wachinga Groom: Ian Masidza Date: December 30, 2017 Venue: Hillcrest Preparatory, Karen Photography: Estudio Camouflage Caterer: Delicious Cuisines Caterers Entertainment: Ninga Melodies

How did you meet?

Ian: We met back in 1999 when Tabbie moved into our neighbourhood, and we were next-door neighbours. However, 2009 is when we became closer in terms of friendship.

How long did you date?

Almost nine years. How was the proposal? It was a do or die situation for me. Quite frankly, I was 50/50 if she would accept the proposal. Tabbie: We were going through a rough patch and we were meeting to talk things out, then he decided to take me to this fancy restaurant (Radisson Blu) for dinner. He got someone, who was hiding somewhere, to take pictures. Here I was thinking this is the end, and voila! man on bended knee. I was in shock!

How was the process of planning your wedding?

We started off with a small committee to help us try to raise funds as well as get ideas for the day. However, we did most of the planning and running around. Actually, Ian did a lot of the work (heartily claps for him).

How did you choose your wedding suppliers?

We used a lot of referrals and also social media.

Did your wedding day turn out the way you wanted it to?

Truthfully, we had so much fun that we didn’t realise some of the things didn’t come out as we wanted. We had waited for this day far too long not to have the time of our lives.

What were some of the highlights on your big day?

Isukuti dancing, the décor was superb, the weather was beautiful, our guests overflowed with so much love, our caterer managed to feed the huge turnout, our photographers were dapper, kids were busy at the bouncing castle, our entertainment crew got everyone literally on their feet dancing, and the best was our lit bridal party with the best ride ever, Giovanni!

What was the inspiration behind having the matatu?

From the get go, we wanted everyone to be in one vehicle, so that we could enjoy every minute of the ride together. When the idea came up, it was unique and cool. It also meant we would have our own mini party in the cool ride. It was so much fun. Seeing our picture trending online was really cool too. It meant society appreciated the uniqueness.

Advice to couples planning a wedding?

Work within means that are achievable. Don’t try to please anyone. The wedding is a one-day event, marriage is for life! Think outside the box, you don’t have to do what everyone else does. Make it your own and have fun. Don’t exaggerate things, and start early.

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