Work with me to deliver my Big 4, Uhuru tells CSs

It’s now official. President Uhuru Kenyatta’s team to deliver the “Big Four” agenda is complete with the swearing-in of nine new Cabinet secretaries on Friday. President Uhuru implied the urgency with which he wants the CSs to get down to work as he told them to serve the country with honour and integrity to help deliver on his “Big Four” agenda to Kenyans.

He said their appointment to the Cabinet is not a platform for self-actualisation and pandering to ego but it is a “rare calling and a precious honour bestowed on so very few”. “It is a call to service with honour and integrity, to servant leadership, to sacrifice, to collective accountability and responsibility and, above all, it is about selflessness in order to guarantee growth and prosperity that leaves no single Kenyan behind,” said the President.

“My government promises to give each and every Kenyan better services and a secure platform upon which, through their sweat, they can realise their dreams for a better and more prosperous tomorrow”. A tough-taking President cautioned the CSs, who took the oath office at State House, Nairobi, against under-performance saying should any get tired of their job, they should let him know so that other deserving Kenyans who are ready to serve in the high public office take up their positions.

He told them their appointment came after a lot of soul searching and lessons learned from his first administration. The nine are Margaret Kobia (Public Service Youth and Gender); followed by John Munyes (Petroleum and Mining); Monica Juma (Foreign Affairs and International Trade); Keriako Tobiko (Environment and Forestry); Simon Chelugui (Water and Sanitation ); Rashid Achesa Mohammed (Sports and Culture); Faridah Karoney (Lands and National Planning); Ukur Yattani (Labour and Social Protection); and Peter Munya (East African Community and Northern Corridor Development).

They all vowed to perform their duties with diligence and to uphold the rule of law. Uhuru told them it will not be business as usual and they must, therefore, deliver on their respective given mandate to enable him to deliver his ‘Big Four’ promise to Kenyans.

“It is now business “unusual”, not as usual. You must not forget; to whom much has been given much is expected. Should you at any time feel the weight is too much, just say so; there are so many other Kenyans ready to do the work,” he said.

The President pointed out that the CS appointment has come at a very critical moment in Kenya’s history when those in public service must work with integrity and dedication. He urged them to sacrifice their time to provide collective service to the country, adding that in his second term he had promised Kenyans open, transparent and accountable government committed to excellence.

“My second administration’s Cabinet, I believe, is talented, competent and full of potential and reflecting all the lesson learnt from my first administration,” added the President.

Uhuru said he expects the Cabinet to work as a team to help unite the country which is still divided after the highly competitive and prolonged electioneering season, adding that is why he named a team that reflects the face of Kenya’s cultural religious, ethnic and gender diversity. He said he had set an eye on mixing the vigour and ingenuity of the youth with a steady hand of experience and proven track record.

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