Syllabus for special needs kids mooted

Draft policy roots for all-inclusive, quality training for learners with special needs

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Education stakeholders are pushing for policy reforms to ensure an all- inclusive education system conscious of learners with special needs.

Director of Inclusive and Special needs Education Maria Cherono said there was need to provide equal learning opportunities to children with special needs.

Speaking during a national stake- holders validation forum on draft policy on education and training for learners with disabilities at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development yesterday, Cherono said children with liabilities deserve schools with conducive environment, and that offer quality and relevant education as well as their safety.

“There is need for learners with dis- abilities to be incorporated into learning institutions that can offer them a normal life just like learners without disability. Inclusive education must be given emphasis and prominence by all education stakeholders,” she said.

The director called for all stakeholders in the education sector to sup- port the learners with special needs through increased access to learning materials, mentorship and provision of specialized training at all levels.

According to the draft Policy on Provision of Education and Training for Learners and Trainees with Disabilities 2017, the government is committed to the provision of inclusive and equitable quality education and training opportunities to all, including those with disabilities.

“To ensure inclusive education, there is need for: Assessment of special needs of children and early intervention, equity and gender mainstreaming, curriculum development, specialised resources and advocacy and awareness creation,” reads the draft policy

Inclusive education must be given emphasis and prominence by all education stakeholders —Cherono in part.

It further entails the need for non- discrimination in access to education and training for learners and trainees with disabilities in all institutions of learning, barrier-free transition of learners with disabilities through the various education levels in accordance with their abilities and promotion of and adherence to affirmative actions as well as multi-sector participation in providing education services for learners and trainees with disabilities.

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